Data Science Seminar

Quantifying surgical expertise - video analysis for context-aware assistance in surgery

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In this talk, I’ll present our recent research regarding AI-assisted surgery with a specific focus on analysis of intraoperative video data. The goal is to bridge the gap between data science, sensors and robotics to enhance the collaboration between surgeons and cyber-physical systems and to democratize surgical skills by quantifying surgical experience and make it accessible to machines. Several examples to optimize the therapy of the individual patient by turning the available data into useful information are given. A focus of this talk will be soft-tissue registration and workflow analysis for context-aware assistance as well as sensor-based surgical training and data generation for machine learning applications. Finally, remaining challenges and strategies to overcome them are discussed.

Biosketch Prof. Dr. Stefanie Speidel

Stefanie Speidel is a professor for “Translational Surgical Oncology” at the National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT) Dresden since 2017 and one of the speakers of the DFG Cluster of Excellence CeTI since 2019. She received her PhD from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in 2009 and had a junior research group “Computer-Assisted Surgery” from 2012 – 2016 at KIT. Her current research interests include image- and robot-guided surgery, soft-tissue navigation, sensor-based surgical training and intraoperative workflow analysis based on various sensor signals in the context of the future operating room. She regularly organizes workshops and challenges including the Endoscopic Vision Challenge@MICCAI and has been general chair and program chair for a number of international events including IPCAI and MICCAI conference.

Twitter handle @SpeidelStefanie

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