Data Science Seminar

Von der Klinik in die Pathologie: Das Potential künstlicher Intelligenz in der Hautkrebsdiagnostik

Wie kann Hautkrebs durch moderne Technologie besser diagnostiziert werden? Wie gelingt die Vision Zero bei Hautkrebs?

Biosketch Dr. Titus J. Brinker

Titus J. Brinker is the Head of App-Development at the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) and a Dermatologist at the University Hospital of Heidelberg. He has developed multiple medical apps with a total of more than a million downloads (i.e. the facial-aging apps Smokerface, Sunface; telemedicine apps AppDoc, Intimarzt). His research focusses on digital prevention, AI-enhanced skin cancer diagnostics and the development of digital biomarkers for intelligent pathology. He is the founder of the Skin Classification Project which is funded by the Federal Ministry of Health. Brinker was awarded twice by the German chancellor Angela Merkel for the medical student network Education Against Tobacco he founded as a volunteer in 2012. Today, the network is present in more than 60 medical schools around the world and reaches more than 40,000 students in classroom seminars conducted by about 3,000 volunteering medical students per year. In this connection, Brinker leads school-based tobacco prevention trials in about 200 schools throughout Germany with both apps and human educators delivering the interventions.


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