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Completed scientific theses

PhD Theses


Renato Félix Bautista @ Heidelberg University, Faculty of Physics and Astronomy

   Title: Monitoring of lateral positions of therapeutic carbon-ion pencil beams using secondary ion tracking

Laura Ghesquière-Diérickx @ Heidelberg University, Medical Faculty

   Title: Carbon-ion radiotherapy monitoring in depth using secondary-ion tracking



Tim Gehrke @ Heidelberg University, Faculty of Physics and Astronomy

   Title: Helium-beam radiography with a fully pixelated silicon detection system



Giulia Aricò @ Heidelberg University, Faculty of Physics and Astronomy

   Title: Ion Spectroscopy for improvement of the Physical Beam Model for Therapy Planning in Ion Beam Therapy



Bernadette Hartmann @ Heidelberg University, Faculty of Physics and Astronomy

   Title: Ion spectroscopy for ion beam therapy using a pixelized semiconductor detector



Julia Telsemeyer @ Heidelberg University, Faculty of Physics and Astronomy

   Title: Investigation of an amorphous silicon detector for ion radiography

Master and Diploma Theses


Daria Zhevachevska @ Mannheim University, Medical Faculty

   Title: A low-intensity pencil beam scanning approach for helium-beam radiography: image quality assessment and implementation of an imaging system without a front tracker

Luisa Schweins @ Heidelberg University, Faculty of Physics and Astronomy

   Title: Implementation and Evaluation of Monte Carlo Simulations for Carbon-Ion Radiotherapy Monitoring

Rebekka Kirchgässner @ Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Department of Physics

    Title: Detection of anatomical changes in an anthropomorphic phantom during carbon-ion radiotherapy by tracking of charged nuclear fragments

Yanting Xu  @ Heidelberg University, Faculty of Physics and Astronomy

    Title: Feasibility study for patient positioning based on helium-beam radiographs

Stefan Schmidt @ Eberhard Karls University Tübingen, Faculty of Science

   Title: Characterisation of seven novel Timepix3-based mini-trackers for treatment monitoring in carbon-ion radiotherapy



Meera Subramanian  @ Magdeburg University, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

   Title: Characterization and optimization of a mini-tracker module for treatment monitoring with secondary ions

Margareta Metzner  @ Heidelberg University, Faculty of Physics and Astronomy

   Title: Helium-beam radiography using thin silicon pixel detectors: Establishment of calibration curves and quantitative imaging of an anthropomorphic head phantom



Nelly Abbani  @ Heidelberg University, Medical Faculty of Manheim 

   Title: Simulation analysis for the monitoring of carbon-ion beam radiotherapy inside patient models

Sonja Surla @ University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Sciences

   Title: Quantitative helium-beam radiography of an anthropomorphic pelvis phantom



Marcos Vásquez Reyes  @ Heidelberg University, Medical Faculty
   Title: A method for ion phase space validation for below therapeutic ion fluences (by single ion tracking)

Karen Romero Sanchéz @ Heidelberg University, Medical Faculty

   Title: Measurement of energy deposition of therapeutic ion beams using a 100 μm thick pixelated semiconductor detector Timepix

Carlo Amato @ Universita di Pisa, Faculty of Physics

   Title: Helium-Beam Radiography and Spatial Resolution Improvement.

Marvin Reimold @ Heidelberg University, Faculty of Physics and Astronomy

   Title: Monitoring of carbon ion pencil beams in a homogeneous PMMA phantom using Timepix3 detectors



Renato Felix Bautista @ Heidelberg University, Medical Faculty

 Title: Monitoring of a clinical-like 12C treatmeny by means of secondary ion: first study



Raya Gallas @ Heidelberg University, Faculty of Physics and Astronomy

    Title: Experimental determination of helium ion fragmentation at therapeutic energies

Simon Berke @ Heidelberg University, Faculty of Physics and Astronomy

    Title: Investigation of the Detector Response of a Timepix Detector



Juan Carlos Leal Heidelberg University, Medical faculty

     Title: First Investigations on a New Method for Monitoring of Basic Parameters of Therapeutic Carbon Ion Beams Using a Flat Panel EPID

Merle Reinhart @ Heidelberg University, Faculty of Physics and Astronomy

    Title: Secondary Particle Track Yield Measurements and 3D Reconstruction Techniques

Tanja Gaa @ Heidelberg University, Faculty of Physics and Astronomy

    Title: Visualization of inhomogeneities in a phantom irradiated by carbon ion beams using prompt secondary ions

Kathrin Spindeldreier Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

    Title: Enhanced Studies Of Energy Loss, Fragmentation And Beam Monitoring In Therapeutic Ion Beams



Klaus Gwosch @ Heidelberg University, Faculty of Physics and Astronomy

    Title: Non-Invasive Monitoring of Carbon Ion Beam Therapy by Tracking of Secondary Ions – An Initial Study



Lucas Huber @ Heidelberg University, Faculty of Physics and Astronomy

    Title: Patient Position Verification in Ion Beam Therapy Using Silicon Detectors And Ion Beams



Bernadette Hartmann @ Institut für Physik, Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät II - Chemie und Physik, Martin-Luther-Universität at Halle-Wittenberg

    Title: Quality Assurance in Ion Beam Therapy: Investigations towards New Detectors

Bachelor Theses


Annika Schlechter Heidelberg University, Faculty of Physics and Astronomy

   Title: Monitoring of Carbon Ion Radiotherapy using track distributions of secondary ions at different detection angles

Florian Kehrein @ Heidelberg University, Faculty of Physics and Astronomy

   Title: Investigation of the reproducibility of water-equivalent thickness calibration for helium-beam radiography



Catherine Knobloch Heidelberg University, Faculty of Physics and Astronomy

   Title: Water-Equivalent Thickness Calibration for Helium-Beam Radiography

Tomas Yanez Hochschule Mannheim, Fakultät Informationstechnik - Studiengang Medizintechnik

   Title: Ion detection with nanosecond time resolution using a silicon pixel detector at the Heidelberg Ion-Beam Therapy Center: Investigation and correction of time-delay effects

Lukáš Marek Technical University of Prague, Faculty of Nuclear Science and Physical Engineering

   Title: Directional and spectrometric mapping of secondary radiation induced during hadron radiotherapy with miniaturized particle trackers



Sonja Schellhammer Heidelberg University, Faculty of Physics and Astronomy

   Title: Single Particle Detection in a Therapeutical Proton Beam



Jan-Eric Meissner @ Heidelberg University, Faculty of Physics and Astronomy

   Title: Untersuchung zur Auswertung von EBT2-Filmen nach Photonen- und Ionenbestrahlung

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