Other image-guided radiotherapy techniques

Figure 1. Tumor positions in an anthropomorphic porcine phantom detected by a template matching algorithm.
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Conventional image-guided radiotherapy (IgRT) techniques based on x-ray imaging is still not fully established in clinical routine. Our group investigates the geometrical and dosimetrical accuracy of newly developed adaptive image-guided radiotherapy workflows. This includes end-to-end test with newly developed anthropomorphic phantoms in combination with 3D gel dosimetry as well as other detectors. In addition, surface-guided radiation therapy (SgRT) techniques have been investigated and implemented in clinical routine at the university hospital Heidelberg for deep inspiration breath-hold radiotherapy of breast cancer. SgRT is currently established and evaluated for ion beam radiotherapy at the Heidelberg Ion Beam Radiotherapy Center (HIT).

As a new approach, the technical basis of robot-assisted ultrasound-guided radiotherapy (USgRT) is currently established. This includes a robot-assisted ultrasonic monitoring system that adapts to patient movements and monitors the pressure on the patient.

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