The venue of the symposium and the workshop is the ‘Schlosshotel Molkenkur’ located on the hillside above the Old Town and the castle.


To get there the easiest and recommended way is to use the ‘Bergbahn’, a funicular railway that starts in the Old Town at the ‘Kornmarkt’ and goes up the hill directly to the Molkenkur. The bus station ‘Kornmarkt’, the starting point of the railway to the Molkenkur, is accessible with Bus No. 33. 

Starting at 9:00am, the railway leaves every 10 minutes and takes about 5 minutes to reach the Molkenkur (in time for the first session). The latest possibility to go back down is at 5:40pm.

You can find the Bergbahn schedule here

The only other possibility to reach the Molkenkur is by car/ Taxi. (Taxi Service Heidelberg: 0049 6221 302030)

For more information on public transportation within Heidelberg please look here


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