CGCoMPRO - dose calculation and treatment planning with matRad


The goal of this project is to bring together German and South American expertise in dose calculation and optimization for radiation therapy treatment planning. Therefore we have already initiated two projects that organize mutal knowledge transfer through the exchange of software modules that have been developed for the open-source toolkit matRad.

  1. Together with Prof. Edgardo Doerner, at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile in Santiago de Chile, we are working on the implementation of an efficient open-source Monte Carlo photon dose calculation module for matRad.
  2. Dr. Gonzalo Cabal at Clinica el Rosario in Meddelin, Columbia, is investigating the applicability of dose calculation and optimization algorithms that have been developed at the German Cancer Research Center for intensity-modulated radiation therapy for breast cancer. The direct evaluation of our research concepts within a clinical context directly feedback to our development process and provide an independent validation of our work. Likewise, the group of Dr. Gonzalo Cabal benefits directly from availability to state-of-the-art robust optimization algorithms and 4D dose calculation algorithms.

Further we are currently exploring the possibility to establish a third line of research with Prof. Beatriz Sanchez Nieto at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile in Santiago de Chile, who is an expert in the integrated modelling of complication free survival within radiotherapy planning systems with a particular focus on out of field dose calculation.

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