Jasper Ubels, MSc

Jasper Ubels, MSc

Jasper Ubels, MSc


PhD student


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Jasper Ubels is a doctoral researcher, and his PhD thesis will focus on the capability approach as an alternative measure of quality of life to improve health outcomes measurement for economic evaluation. Amongst other projects, he is working on studying the efficacy of multi-attribute utility instruments.

Jasper completed his Master of Science in Public Health with a specialization in Health Economics at Umeå University, Sweden. During his Master studies, its work was mainly in two topics. First, he conducted a systematic literature review on the use of cost-effectiveness thresholds and how they are determined. Additionally, Jasper developed a cost-effectiveness analysis on the rheumatic heart disease echocardiographic screening in Brazil.


Selected Publications

M.-J. Linton, P. M. Mitchell, H. Al-Janabi, M. Schlander, J. Richardson, A. Iezzi, J. Ubels, J. Coast:
Comparing the German translation of the ICECAP-A capability wellbeing measure to the original English version: psychometric properties across healthy samples and seven health condition groups.
Applied Research in Quality of Life, in press (2018).
DOI: 1-23. 10.1007/s11482-018-9681-5.

D. Cameron, J. Ubels, F. Norström:
On what basis are medical cost-effectiveness thresholds set? Clashing opinions and an absence of data: A systematic review.
Global Health Action, (2018) 11(1) 1447828.
DOI: 10.1080/16549716.2018.1447828

J. Ubels, K.G. Sahlen, A.Z. Beaton, P.N. Maria do Carmo, A.C. Diamantino, C.M. Oliveira, I.M. Teixeira, K.C. Lauriano, J.P Santos, A.L.M. Costa, A.L.P. Ribeiro:
Cost-effectiveness of rheumatic heart disease echocardiographic screening in Brazil: Data from the PROVAR study.
Circulation, (2017) 136(suppl_1) A18744-A18744.


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