Prof. Christian Thielscher

Prof. Christian Thielscher

Prof. Christian Thielscher


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Christian Thielscher worked as a physician for four years (incl. university hospital Bonn) and as economist (e. g., 6 years with McKinsey as consultant, 2 years with medical Columbus AG as chair of board). Since 2010, he is head of the Competence Center for Medical Economics at FOM University of Applied Science in Essen, Germany.

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Selected Publications

C. Thielscher (Ed.):
Medizinökonomie 2: Unternehmerische Praxis und Methodik.
Springer-Verlag, (2017)
ISBN 978-3-658-08514-8

C. Thielscher (Ed.):
Medizinökonomie: Das System der medizinischen Versorgung.
Springer-Verlag, (2017)
ISBN 978-3-658-01965-5

C. Thielscher, S. Thielscher, K. Kostev:
The risk of developing depression when suffering from neurological diseases.
GMS German Medical Science, (2013) 11 (DOC 2).
DOI: 10.3205/000170

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