Rachel Eckford, M.H.R.

Rachel Eckford, M.H.R.

Rachel Eckford, M.H.R.


Research Assistant


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+49 6221 42-1919

Rachel Eckford has a background in applied behavioral health research. She worked for 15 years as a research associate at the U.S. Army Medical Research Unit – Europe, originally located in Heidelberg, then later in Sembach, Germany. Her focus was on developing valid psychological screening instruments to identify soldiers in need of mental health evaluation, as well as tracking the prevalence of existing issues over time. In addition, she contributed to studies assessing the effectiveness of resilience training programs.
Rachel earned a Master of Human Relations (MHR) degree from the University of Oklahoma and a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Memphis. In addition to conducting research, Rachel has taught English as a second language and has volunteered assisting refugees transitioning to life in Germany.


Selected publications

H.M. Foran, R.D. Eckford, R.R. Sinclair, K.M. Wright:
Child mental health symptoms following parental deployment: The impact of parental posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms, marital distress, and general aggression.
SAGE Open, (2017) 7(3) 1-10.

R.D. Eckford, D.L. Barnett:
Comparing paper-and-pencil and Internet survey methods conducted in a combat-deployed environment.
Military Psychology, (2016) 28(4) 209-225.

K.M. Wright, H.M. Foran, M.D. Wood, R.D. Eckford, D. McGurk:
Alcohol problems, aggression, and other externalizing behaviors after return from deployment: Understanding the role of combat exposure, internalizing symptoms, and social environment.
Journal of Clinical Psychology, (2012) 68(7) 782-800.

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