Anett-Molnar, MSc.

Anett-Molnar, MSc.

Anett-Molnar, MSc.


PhD student


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Anett completed her MSc degree in Health Policy Planning and Financing with a specialization in Health Economics at the Eotvos Lorand University of Budapest, Hungary. In her master´s thesis she developed a cost-effectiveness model of low-dose computed tomography screening for lung cancer in Hungary. During her Master studies, she worked as an assistant lecturer on the Faculty of Social Sciences at the Eotvos Lorand University. She joined Syreon Research Institute in 2016 and worked in the Health Economic Modelling Department until June 2019.
Her PhD thesis focuses on cost-effectiveness modelling of diagnostic imaging techniques in cancer.

Selected publications

B. Nemeth, A. Molnar, S. Bozoki, K. Wijaya, A. Inotai, J. Campbell, Z. Kalo:
Comparison of weighting methods used in multicriteria decision analysis frameworks in healthcare with focus on low- and middle-income countries.
Journal of comparative effectiveness research, (2019) 8(4) 195-204.

B. Nemeth, A. Molnar, R. Akehurst, M. Horvath, K. Koczian, G. Nemeth, A. Gotze, Z. Voko:
Quality-adjusted life year difference in patients with predominant negative symptoms of schizophrenia treated with cariprazine and risperidone.
Journal of comparative effectiveness research, (2017) 6(8) 639-648.

Z. Voko, M. Barra, A. Molnar, A. Kerpel-Fronius, G. Bajzik, I. Horvath, M. Moizs, B. Nagy:
Model concept of the health economic evaluation of low-dose CT lung cancer screening in Hungary. [in Hungarian]
Orvosi hetilap, (2017) 158(25) 963-975.

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