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December 7th, 2018

DKFZ Communication Center

Im Neuenheimer Feld 280

69120 Heidelberg


One day, one place, 3 EVENTS  

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Startup Fair (9:00h - 17:00h)

Are you looking for the next step in your career?

At the startup fair there will be innovative and successful startups in the region looking for new staff to hire. Take the chance to talk with people working in startups and meet your next employer.

Startup companies present at the Career Fair:

You can find short profiles of the startups here 

„Innovator’s Support Lounge“ (9:00h - 17:00h)

Do you have a potential idea but you do not know how to exploit it?

At the fair there will be agencies supporting future entrepreneurs and startups. Do not miss this opportunity to talk to them in the „Innovator’s Support Lounge“. They will tell you which steps to do, where to find support, how to get training. If you are interested start to have a look at their websites:

Career Talks and Lectures (09:30h - 17:00)

Listen not only to people who founded a startup but also to experts who work every day in supporting entrepreneurship. Don´t miss this unique opportunity to know more about how to initiate a startup, where to find the money, how to build a business model and how to deliver your idea.



09:30               How to build a startup, entrepreneurship, skills

                         Christian Tidona Founder BioMedX - research center at the interface between academia and industry

                         Marketing your business 

                         Thomas Prexl Managing director Heidelberg Startup Partners - support for startup founders

11:00               The Life Science Accelerator Baden-Wuerttemberg

                         Bodo Brückner Coordinator Lifescience Accelerator Baden-Württemberg

                         Business models

                         Sonia Wilkens Managing Director MAFINEX - technology center for young startups

                         Skills for entrepreneurship

                         Christoph Lindemann Junior Marketing Manager academics – online job market and career platform for scientists

14:00               How to pitch your idea and engage your audience

                         Colin Bennett Trainer and coach for companies and academia

                         Financing and venture capital

                         Dirk Nachtigal Venture Capital Consulting

15:45               Overview innovation ecosystem in Heidelberg and where to find like-minded people

                         Eva-Maria Markutzik Innovation Manager EIT Health


                         Patrick Pfeffer CEO Aescuvest - equity-based investment platform

                         Making translational science happen

                         Ruth Herzog Head of the Technology Transfer Office at DKFZ

17:30               Innovator's Pitch

18:30               Happy Hour


Have a look at our speakers profiles



11:00               Gitte Neubauer, Cellzome Gmbh

                         Niclas Kneisel, Apogenix AG

                         Anna Pryszlak, Velabs Therapeutics

                         Thomas Höger, Apogenix AG


15:45               Suhail Yazijy, Nukleosome

                         Ingmar Gergel, mbits imaging GmbH

                         Wei Wang, GeneWerk GmbH

                         Matthias von Borstel, Gotthardt Healthgroup AG

Speakers profiles

For more information on our speakers please have a look at our speakers profiles.

Innovator´s Pitch (17:30h - 18:30h)

Assist to a real pitch contest where five participants, selected from different research institutes in Heidelberg, will present their ideas for innovative startups. Vote for the best pitch and best idea.

Innovator’s Pitch Jury

For the jury we chose 5 members based on their financial, entrepreneurship support, IP and business expertise.

  • Thomas Prexl (Managing Director Heidelberg Startup Partners - support for startup founders)
  • Dirk Nachtigal (Venture Capital Consultant)
  • Patrick Pfeffer (CEO aescuvest - equity-based investment platform)
  • Barbara Diehl (Director of Transfer and Innovation at Helmholtz Association of German Research Centers)
  • Gabi Herzog (Communications Executive to the MD of SAP Germany, Pitch Trainer)

Moderation: Alexey Yakushenko (Co-founder at is-it-fresh GmbH) 

Thank you to our Innovator's pitch event partners

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Additional opportunities

Early registrations allow to book for:

  • Free personal CV review by academics/die Zeit
  • CV portrait taken by a professional photographer for 10€
  • Access to “Meet the Speakers” to meet in persons our speakers and talk to them
  • Reduced fee for food trucks, 3€/meal instead of 6.50€
  • Professional childcare service (9.30h-17.00h) at the KidsClub in INF 370/371


Happy Hour with food and drinks at 18.30h


 We would like to thank our sponsors for their great support.

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