DKFZ Career Day "Academia"



Friday December 4th, 2015

DKFZ Communication Center, Im Neuenheimer Feld 280, 69120 Heidelberg

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Preliminary Program

08:30-09:00               Registration

09:00-09:20               “Welcome Address” (M. Boutros)

09:20-09:50               “Your possibilities in Academia” (H.G. Kräusslich)

09:50-10:10               “Insight into the professorship appointment process” (G. Stöcklin)

10:10- 10:30              Coffee break

10:30-11:50                Session I: “Between PhD and Professor”

                                      Classical career paths (J. Hoheisel, P. Kioschis-Schneider, O. Gruss, B. Tews)

12:00-12.30               Round Table Dicussions I

12.30-14:00               Lunch

12:45-14:00               Workshops

                                      “Networking” (B. Janssens/M. Gürth)

                                      “Grants in the EU” (S. Kentner)

                                      “How to choose a lab for my PostDoc?” (D. Kastelic)

                                      “Third party funding for postdocs – How do I go about it” (J. Kapeller)

14:10-15:10               Session II: “Academic career options beyond Professorship”

                                      Possibilities in core facilities and more (F. Kern,  A. Busch, M. Paulsen)

15:10-15:40               Round Table Discussions II/Coffee break

15:45-16:45               Session III: “Keys to successful careers in Academia”

                                      Grants, work-life balance & challenges (R. Sotillo, V. Rosenstiel-Goids, M. Hafner)

16:45-17:15               “Framework for your career planning”

                                      In Germany (S. Weg-Remers) and France (B. Kimpe)

                                      What’s up with the 12-year rule? ( B. Crispin)

17:15                           Get-together

Further information on speakers

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