Dr. Manuel Wiesenfarth

Dr. Manuel Wiesenfarth

Dr. Manuel Wiesenfarth




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Area of Work

Bayesian methods, integrative analysis of omics data, highdimensional data, regularization and smoothing, causal analysis


Software (R packages)

  • AdaptFitOS: Fits semiparametric regression models with spatially adaptive penalized splines and computes simultaneous confidence bands. Available on CRAN

Accompanies paper

Wiesenfarth, M., Krivobokova, T., Klasen, S., & Sperlich, S. (2012). Direct simultaneous inference in additive models and its application to model undernutrition. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 107(500), 1286-1296.


  • bayesIV (experimental version): Fits geoadditive sample selection models and semiparametric instrumental variable models. Package source / Windows binaries

Accompanies papers

Wiesenfarth, M., & Kneib, T. (2010). Bayesian geoadditive sample selection models. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series C (Applied Statistics), 59(3), 381-404.

Wiesenfarth, M., Hisgen, C. M., Kneib, T., & Cadarso-Suarez, C. (2014). Bayesian nonparametric instrumental variables regression based on penalized splines and dirichlet process mixtures. Journal of Business & Economic Statistics, 32(3), 468-482.



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