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Kaya Miah

Kaya Miah

Kaya Miah




+49 6221 42 2133


+49 6221 42 2397


TP 4



Research Interests

  • Survival analysis
  • Clinical trials
  • Multi-state models

Education and Background

  • DKFZ / Biostatistics since September 2019
  • Semester abroad at School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Sheffield, England (2017-2018)
  • M.Sc. in Statistics with focus on Biometrics, Dortmund University (2019)
  • B.Sc. in Statistics/Theoretical Medicine, Dortmund University (2016)

Selected Publications

Giesen, N., Chatterjee, M., Scheid, C., Poos, A. M., Besemer, B., Miah, K., Benner, A., Becker, N., Moehler, T., Metzler, I., Khandanpour, C., Seidel-Glaetzer, A., Trautmann-Grill, K., Kortüm, K. M., Müller-Tidow, C., Mechtersheimer, G., Goeppert, B., Stenzinger, A., Weinhold, N., Goldschmidt, H. and Raab, M. S. (2023). A phase II clinical trial of combined BRAF/MEK inhibition for BRAFV600E-mutated multiple myeloma. Blood.

Mai, E. K., Huhn, S., Miah, K., Poos, A. M., Scheid, C., Weisel, K. C., Bertsch, U., Munder, M., Berlanga, O., Hose, D., Seckinger, A., Jauch, A., Blau, I. W., Hänel, M., Salwender, H. J., Benner, A., Raab, M. S., Goldschmidt, H., and Weinhold, N. (2023). Implications and prognostic impact of mass spectrometry in patients with newly-diagnosed multiple myeloma. Blood Cancer Journal, 13(1), 1-9.

Mai, E. K., Miah, K., Bertsch, U., Dürig, J., Scheid, C., Weisel, K. C., Kunz, C., Munder, M., Lindemann, H. W., Merz, M., Hose, D., Jauch, A., Seckinger, A., Luntz, S., Sauer, S., Fuhrmann, S., Brossart, P., Elmaagacli, A., Goerner, M., Bernhard, H., Hoffmann, M., Raab, M. S., Blau, I. W., Hänel, M., Benner, A., Salwender, H. J. and Goldschmidt, H. for the German-speaking Myeloma Multicenter Group (GMMG) (2020). Bortezomib-based induction, high-dose melphalan and lenalidomide maintenance in myeloma up to 70 years of age. Leukemia 35(3), 809-822.

Salwender, H., Elmaagacli, A., Merz, M., Miah, K., Benner, A., Haenel, M., Jehn, C., Mai, E. K., Bertsch, U., Blau, I. W., Scheid, C., Hose, D., Seckinger, A., Jauch, A., Raab, M. S., Luntz, S. P., Besemer, B., Munder, M., Brossart, P., Fuhrmann, S., Lindemann, H.-W., Weisel, K., Duerig, J. and Goldschmidt, H. (2021). Long-term follow-up of subcutaneous versus intravenous bortezomib during induction therapy for newly diagnosed multiple myeloma treated within the GMMG-MM5 Phase III Trial. Leukemia 35(10), 3007–3011.

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