Dr. Lutz Edler

Dr. Lutz Edler

Dr. Lutz Edler


Former Head of Division


Division of Biostatistics - C060

Area of Work

Design and Analysis of Experiments, Mathematical and Statistical Modelling, Clinical Trials, Prognosis and Prediction, Risk analysis, Methodological Issues in Computational Statistics and Data Analysis

Special Interests

Research in biostatistical design of experiments in basic and in pre-clincal cancer research using in vitro and in vivo systems

Development and application in clinical practice of new designs for early clinical trials on Phase i-II which are practical, flexible and comply with statistical quality

Mathematical-statistical modelling and data analysis for the investigation of carcinogenesis, for quantitative cancer risk assessment, and for risk analysis in general

Consulting of clinical investigators and clinical study groups in design and quality issues of clinical trials, including membership in DSMBs

Consulting of national and international regulatory authorities in best statistical practice for the risk assessment of food and diet

Selected Literature

Nr. Title
1. Edler L., Lee J.W., Mittlböck M., Niland J., Victor N.: Computational statistics within clinical research. Comput.Statist.Data Anal. 53 (3) 583-585, 2009.
2. Heinzl H., Mittlböck M., Edler L.: Technical uncertainty in the back-calculation of occupational exposure to dioxins. Stat.Med. 27 (12) 2214-2233, 2008.
3. Edler L., Kitsos C.P. (eds): Recent advances in quantitative methods in cancer and human health risk assessment. 2005. Chichester, West Sussex, UK, 463p. Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics.
4. Edler L., Ittrich C.: Biostatistical methods for the validation of alternative methods for the in vitro toxicity testing. ATLA 31 (Suppl.1) 5-41, 2003.
5. Edler L., Poirier K., Dourson M., Kleiner J., Mileson B., Nordmann H., Renwick A., Slob W., Walton K., Würtzen G.: Mathematical modelling and quantitative methods. Food Chem.Toxicol. 40 (2/3) 283-326, 2002.

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