Dr. Dominic Edelmann

Dr. Dominic Edelmann

Dr. Dominic Edelmann




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Research Topics                  

  • Distance correlation
  • Survival analysis for high-dimensional molecular data
  • Innovative clinical trials
  • Machine learning
  • Epigenetic data



Dr. rer. nat., Mathematics, Heidelberg University, 2011-2015

Diplom, Mathematics, Heidelberg University, 2004-2011



Previous appointments


Research Assistant, Heidelberg University, 2011-2015   



Selected publications


  • Edelmann, D.,Vogel, D., and Richards, D. (2020). The distance standard deviation. Annals of Statistics. Accepted for publication.
  • Edelmann, D., Hummel, M., Hielscher, T., Saadati, M., and Benner, A. (2020). Marginal variable screening for survival endpoints. Biometrical Journal 62, 610-626.
  • Edelmann, D., Habermehl, C., Schlenk, R. F., and Benner, A. (2020). Adjusting Simon's optimal two-stage design for heterogeneous populations using historical controls. Biometrical Journal 62, 311-329.
  • Edelmann, D., Fokianos, K., and Pitsillou, M. (2019). An updated literature review of distance correlation and its applications to time series. International Statistical Review 87, 237-262.
  • Gündert, M., Edelmann, D., Benner, A., Jansen, L., Jia, M., Walter, V., Knebel, P., Herpel, E., Chang-Claude, J., Hoffmeister, M., Brenner, H., and Burwinkel, B. (2017). Genome-wide DNA methylation analysis reveals a prognostic classifier for non-metastatic colorectal cancer (ProMCol classifier), Gut 68, 101-110.
  • Hummel, M., Edelmann, D., and Kopp-Schneider, A. (2017). Clustering of samples and variables with mixed-type data, PloS one 12, e0188274.
  • Dueck, J., Edelmann, D., and Richards, D. (2017). Distance correlation coefficients for Lancaster distributions. Journal of Multivariate Analysis, 154, 19-39.
  • Dueck, J., Edelmann, D., Gneiting, T., and Richards, D. (2014). The affinely invariant distance correlation. Bernoulli, 20, 2305-2330.



Roman Nagurski (Master’s thesis, co-supervisor with Jan Johannes): A Bias-corrected Estimator for Distance Correlation and its Application in Biostatistics

Agnes Gambietz (Master’s thesis, co-supervisor with Jan Johannes): Regression Models for Bounded Responses with Application to DNA Methylation



DFG Grant „dCortools: Distanzkorrelationsverfahren zur Erkennung Nichtlinearer Zusammenhänge in Hochdimensionalen Molekularen Daten“, 2019 –



Newspaper article: https://www.morgenpost.de/wirtschaft/karriere/article211271459/Mathematiker-sind-Multitalente.html





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