Maria Pudenz

Maria Pudenz

Maria Pudenz


Ph.D. student

Helmholtz Internation Graduate School for Cancer Research

Thesis topic: Impact of soy isoflavones on DNA methylation in rat mammary glands - Dose-response aspects, critical time windows and influence on carcinogenesis


Publication list:

  1. Pudenz M, Roth K, Gerhauser C. Impact of soy isoflavones on the epigenome in cancer prevention. Nutrients. 2014; 6: 4218-72. Abstract
  2. Blei T*, Soukup ST*, Schmalbach K*, Pudenz M*, Möller FJ, Egert B, Wörtz N, Kurrat A, Müller D, Vollmer G§, Gerhäuser C§, Lehmann L§, Kulling SE§, Diel P§ (* § equal contribution). Dose-dependent effects of isoflavone exposure during early lifetime on the rat mammary gland: Studies on estrogen sensitivity, isoflavone metabolism, and DNA methylation. Mol Nutr Food Res. 2015; 59: 270-83. Abstract

  3. Gerhauser C, Heilmann K, Pudenz M. Genome-wide DNA methylation profiling in dietary intervention studies – A users' perspective. Current Pharmacology 2015; 1: 31-45 Full text (PDF)

 Graduation 23.3.2016

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