Simin Öz

Simin Öz

Simin Öz







Research Topic:

  • Cell of origin in cancer
  • ATAC-Seq


Publication list:

  1. König SG, Öz S, Krämer R. A polyamine-modified NIR fluorescent probe for selective staining of live cancer cells. Chem Commun 2015; 51: 7360-63 Abstract
  2. Öz S, Raddatz G, Rius M, Blagitko-Dorfs N, Lübbert M, Maercker C, Lyko F. Quantitative determination of decitabine incorporation into DNA and its effect on mutation rates in human cancer cells. Nucleic Acids Research 2014; 42: e152. Abstract
  3. Geyh S, Oz S, Cadeddu RP, Fröbel J, Brückner B, Kündgen A, Fenk R, Bruns I, Zilkens C, Hermsen D, Gattermann N, Kobbe G, Germing U, Lyko F, Haas R, Schroeder T. Insufficient stromal support in MDS results from molecular and functional deficits of mesenchymal stromal cells. Leukemia 2013; 27: 1841-51. Abstract
  4. Hahn L, Öz S, Wadepohl H, Gade LH. Highly emissive water-soluble tetraazaperopyrenes as fluorescence markers. Chem Commun 2014; 50(38): 4941-43. Abstract
  5. Öz S, Märcker C, Breiling A. Embryonic carcinoma cells show specific dielectric resistance profiles during induced differentiation. PLoS ONE, 8(3): e59895. Abstract
  6. Stöhr K, Siegberg D, Ehrhard T, Lymperopoulos K, Öz S, Schulmeister S, Pfeifer AC, Bachmann J, Klingmüller U, Sourjik V, Herten DP. Quenched substrates for live-cell labeling of SNAP-tagged fusion proteins with improved fluorescent background. Anal Chem. 2010; 82: 8186-93. Abstract
  7. Sinha A, Shahzad K, Latif F, Cadeiras M, Von Bayern MP, Oz S, Naka Y, Deng MC. Peripheral blood mononuclear cell transcriptome profiles suggest T-cell immunosuppression after uncomplicated mechanical circulatory support device surgery. Hum Immunol. 2010; 71: 164-69. Abstract
  8. von Bayern M, Arrecubieta C, Oz S, Akashi H, Cedeiras M, Naka Y, Deng M, Lowy F. Development of A Murine Ventricular Assist Device Transcutaneous Drive-Line Model. The Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation 2008; 27(7): 812-14. Abstract

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