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Highest Taiwanese Scientific Award for Christoph Plass, April 2016


The Taiwanese Science Council honored Christoph Plass from the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg with the Tsungming Tu Prize, the highest academic honor for foreign scholars. The prize is worth 75,000 dollars. Christoph Plass received the award for his achievements in Cancer Epigenomics. The focus of his work is the analysis of differing patterns of DNA methylation in blood cancers, especially in acute myeloid leukemia and chronic lymphatic leukemia, as well as in solid tumors.

The Tsungming Tu Prize dates back to Cooperation Agreement from 2006 between the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and the Taiwanese National Science Council. It is awarded to internationally renowned scientists for outstanding achievements and is expected to strengthen German-Taiwanese academic relations. In 2011, Nobel Prize winner Harald zur Hausen was among the recipients.

The Tsungming Tu Prize was awarded on April 20, 2016 during a ceremony in Taipei.

Poster Prize for Christoph Weigel, June 2015

Christoph Weigel (to the right) received a poster price for his research on radiation induced fibrosis.
© Deutsche Krebshilfe

At the 7th Mildred Scheel Cancer Conference (Königswinter, Bonn) organized by the Deutsche Krebshilfe, Christoph Weigel was awarded with the ‘Poster prize for young scientists’  for the excellent presentation of the scientific results of his PhD work. His poster was entitled ‘Identification of diacylglycerol kinase alpha deregulation as a novel epigenetic mechanism in radiation-induced fibrosis’.


Deutsche Krebshilfe

Poster Prize to Lea Geiselhart at the Mildred Scheel Cancer Conference, July 2011

Lea Geiselhart (in the middle) is one of the recipients of the ‘Poster prize for young scientists’
© Deutsche Krebshilfe

Lea Geiselhart was awarded with the ‘Poster prize for young scientists’ for the excellent description of her scientific results. She presented the poster entitled ‘A comprehensive siRNA screen for DNA repair-related genes identifies factors involved in the maintenance of global DNA methylation’ at the 5th Mildred Scheel Cancer Conference (Königswinter, Bonn) organized by the Deutsche Krebshilfe.

ISOBM Merit Award to Narek Sarkisyan, Sept. 2010

Narek Sarkisyan was awarded an ISOBM Merit Award at the 38th Annual Meeting of International Society of Oncology and Biomarkers as main contributor and presenter of the poster “Investigation of Early Detection Biomarkers for Lung Cancer in Plasma Using Quantitative High-Throughput DNA Methylation Analysis” for poster’s high quality, scientific content, individual input in this investigation, and the thorough discussion and graphical enhancement of the topic presented.

ASP Student Research Award to Julia Strathmann, July 2010

Julia Strathmann was awarded the ASP Student Research Award at the Annual Conference of the American Society of Pharmacognosy (ASP) in St. Petersburg (Florida, USA), for her investigations on pro-oxidant and apoptosis-inducing activities of Xanthohumol from hops (Humulus lupulus L.). The award-winning work was published in The FASEB Journal in March 2010 (Strathmann et al., Xanthohumol-induced transient superoxide anion radical formation triggers cancer cells into apoptosis via a mitochondria-mediated mechanism. FASEB J. 2010, 24: 2938-50). The award consisted of an engraved desk clock, $500 honorarium, and $1000 travel reimbursement.

Division excursion to the Hambacher Schloß


On July 1st 2009, the division's annual excursion went to Neustadt an der Weinstraße. From there, we walked to the Hambacher Schloß and enjoyed a historical staged tour of the castle and the tower. After a recreative lunch with Palatine specialties we returned to Heidelberg, slightly exhausted but in best spirits.


New DFG Priority Program on "Epigenetic Regulation of Normal Hematopoiesis and its Dysregulation in Myeloid Neoplasia"

Further information

"Epigenetic Regulation of Normal Hematopoiesis and its Dysregulation in Myeloid Neoplasia". The Priority Programme will run for a period of six years and the main aim is to investigate mechanisms of epigenetic control of normal myeloid development and their disturbances in myeloid cancers, both in vitro and in vivo.

Silenced Genes as a Warning Sign of Blood Cancer

Further information

Christoph Plass in collaboration with scientists from Ohio State University has recently published a study on early epigenetic changes in a mouse model for CLL (chronic lymphatic leukemia), which occur long before first signs of the disease are detectable. "If this holds also true for humans, an early methylation test in high-risk individuals could provide clues about a developing cancer”, Christoph Plass says.


Shih-Shih Chen, Aparna Raval, Amy J. Johnson, Erin Hertlein, Te-Hui Liu, Victor X. Jin, Mara Sherman, Shu-Jun Liu, David W. Dawson, Katie E. Williams, Mark Lanasa, Sandya Liyanarachchi, Thomas S. Lin, Guido Marcucci, Yuri Pekarsky, Ramana Davuluri, Carlo M. Croce, Denis C. Guttridge, Michael A. Teitell, John C. Byrd, and Christoph Plass: Epigenetic changes during disease progression in a murine model of human chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, USA, 2009, 106(32): 13433-8.

Half-Marathon in Mannheim, May 2009


On Sunday, May 10th 2009, five of us (Rainer, Dieter, Chris, Jitti and Julia) participated in the Mannheim Half-Marathon, and they all did really well!

Hey guys, we are proud of you!

More pictures...

Roman-Herzog-Research Stipend awarded at the DKFZ to Korean Junior Scientist, March 2009


On Saturday, March 21st 2009, former German Federal President Roman Herzog awarded a two-year Research Stipend to 36-year old scientist Dr. Yoon Jung Park from South Korea. Dr. Park is currently investigating epigenetic changes involved in the development of chronic lymphatic leukemias, the most common form of leukemia in industrialized countries, at the Division Epigenomics and Cancer Risk Factors.


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