The Assay for Transposase-Accessible Chromatin (ATAC) enables to map open chromatin and generate footprints of nucleosome and transcription factor occupancy in low cell numbers or even single cells. (i) A transposome is generated from a hyperactive Tn5 transposase and a double-stranded DNA adapter. (ii) Tagmentation of a cell lysate using the transposome cuts the chromatin at its accessible positions and appends the adapter to the fragments. (iii) Low cycle number PCR generates a sequencing library. (iv) The library is analysed by next generation sequencing.


Buenrostro JD, Giresi PG, Zaba LC, Chang HY, Greenleaf WJ. Transposition of native chromatin for fast and sensitive epigenomic profiling of open chromatin, DNA-binding proteins and nucleosome position. Nat Methods. 2013; 10: 1213-8. Abstract



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