Mass Spectrometry-based Protein Analysis

The unit provides mass spectrometry based Proteomics using nano-flow HPLCs and Q-Exactive HF-X mass spectrometers. This state-of-the-art hardware in combination with specialized workflows allows most sensitive and in-depth proteome analysis.

NMR Spectroscopy Analysis

The unit offers a NMR spectroscopy analysis service, e. g.  small molecule identification, characterization and structural elucidation, purity level checks, … . Users can request full service analysis of their samples, and can also receive hands-on training to be able to run experiments and analyze the results themselves.

Biomolecular Interaction Analysis

We offer the possibility to measure a broad range of biomolecular interactions including the determination of binding parameters using Microscale Thermophoresis. Users can have assisted access to a Nanotemper Monolith NT 115 System for binding studies in simple glass capillaries by fluorescence detection.


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