1. The machines are open access so users can run their own spectra if desired though at present no booking system is in place and NMR  time is booked in consultation with Dr. Karel Klika. For such persons, the three items listed below need to be read and agreed to and the final page of the listed rules needs to be printed out and signed. A listing of common commands and macros for our instruments is available here. Users can also be present whilst the spectra are acquired if they like, this too should be arranged with either Dr. Karel Klika or Gabi Schwebel as appropriate. To make use of the NMR service, researchers need only fill a requisition form (non-DKFZ researchers should consult with Dr. Karel Klika first) as well as read and agree to the two General Terms and Conditions listed below.

  2. Basic operation of the 400 NMR instrument (Download).

  3. List of common commands (Download).

  4. Link to the Bruker website to download the TopSpin program (free to academic users).

  5. For notes on what to do when experiencing difficulties with spinning a sample, see here

  6. For a neat design of a simple and robust NMR-tube cleaner, see here.


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