NMR Spectroscopy Analysis Unit

The unit offers the possibility to carry out NMR spectroscopy analysis for DKFZ researchers. Users of the unit can request full service analysis of their samples, and can also receive hands-on training to be able to run experiments and analyze the results themselves.


  • small molecule characterisation and structural elucidation, e.g. for synthetic or natural products
  • compound identification and sample validation
  • purity level checks and evaluation; sample integrity validation
  • stability testing of drugs/substances in solution (DMSO, H2O, EtOH, etc.)
  • metabolomics
  • protein-ligand interactions
  • diffusion measurements on a dedicated diffusion probe
  • soft-matter (e.g. tissue, compacted cells) measurements on a HR-MAS probe.

Provided Service:

  • full service
    • sample preparation
    • data acquisition
    • data analysis
    • writing of materials and methods section for publications
  • direct access
    • training in use of the instrumentation
    • assistance in experimental setup and analysis

Persons interested in various aspects - NMR services (routine analysis, direct access), collaboration, etc. - are welcome to discuss their needs with Dr. Karel Klika.

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