Ingenuity Pathway Analysis

Ingenuity Pathway analysis (IPA) has been broadly adopted by the life science community and relies on manually curated data. It allows to:

  • perform GO-term like analysis
  • identify relevant targets for a given set of microRNAs
  • novel approach to transcription factor prediction
  • Predict effects on downstream biological processes and disease
  • Visualize & explore isoform-specific biology to support RNA-Seq analysis
  • The chemical view provides access to chemical content describing therapeutic information, target protein, toxicity, bioavailability, LD50, PK/PD, metabolism, CAS number, synonyms (including systematic name and brand names for drugs), chemical formula, and SMILES notation.
  • Search the scientific literature for insights relevant to your experiment, finding information from the full text of the scientific literature, incl. information about genes, drugs, chemicals, cellular and disease processes, and signaling and metabolic pathways.


A more detailed overview including technical requirements is provided in the following PDF.

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