Bioinformatics (HUSAR, W610, ODCF) at the German Cancer Research Center

Bioinformatics (HUSAR) is a unit within the Omics IT and Data Management Core Facility  that offers Bioinformatics support for the scientists of the German Cancer Research Center. We are specialised mainly on sequence analysis ranging from "traditional" sequence analyis (like alignments, sequence annotation, structure analysis, etc.) to the analysis of deep-sequencing experiments (genomic sequencing, smallRNA, ChipSeq, etc.).

We offer our service in conjunction with the IT Core Facility (W310) maintaining our HUSAR server.

Our main activities are:

  • maintaining HUSAR, a large collection of Bioinformatics tools to analyse sequence (or sequence-related) data
  • implementing new tools into Husar that are of general interest for scientists at DKFZ
  • supporting scientists in the analysis of their data
  • developing new tools and pipelines for analysing biological data (very often in collaboration with or on request of scientists at DKFZ)
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