ATTENTION: Change of default HUSAR server if you use the links on our website

As many of you already know we are currently running TWO husar servers: the one called "husar" (the "old" one) and a (not so) new one called "husar2". Up to now, if you used the links on our homepage

"Quickstart" -> "Husar (DKFZ)" -> "Start W2H ..."

you were still directed to the old "husar". THIS HAS CHANGED NOW!! There is ONE big difference when using the new husar: You do not need an additional Unix password anymore! Just use your normal password! Apart from that everything looks exactly the same and you will find all your runs and results in the "Results Manager" like before.

If you still want to use the old server point you browser to:

Your HUSAR team 08/15/17

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