High Throughput Sequencing Unit

The high throughput sequencing unit provides highly parallel DNA sequencing services based on the Illumina HiSeq 2000 / 2500, Hiseq 4000, HiSeq X, MiSeq, NextSeq and NovaSeq technologies as well as on the PacBio Sequel.



  • DNA Sequencing »...

    • Whole Genome Sequencing
    • Targeted Resequencing (e.g. Exome Sequencing)
    • De-Novo Sequencing
  • RNA-Sequencing »...

    • mRNA stranded
    • smallRNA
    • UltraLowRNA
  • Bisulfite Sequencing »...

    • Analysis of DNA methylation patterns via Whole Genome
  • ChipSeq  »...
    • Generation of precise DNA-protein interaction maps
    • Detection of transcription factor binding sites

Our services

  • Assistance in experimental design
  • Sample preparation starting from customer prepared DNA/RNA
  • Sequence analysis on Illumina:
    • HiSeq 2000 (V4: 125 bp Paired End or 50 bp Single Read)
    • HiSeq 2500 (100 bp or 150 bp Paired End Rapid)
    • HiSeq 4000 (100 bp Paired End)
    • HiSeq X (150 bp Paired End)
    • MiSeq (V2: 150 bp or 250 bp Paired End or 50 bp Single Read; V3: 75bp or 300 bp Paired End or 150 bp Single Read)
    • NextSeq 500 (MidOutput: 75bp or 150bp Paired End; HighOutput: 75bp Single Read or 75bp or 150bp Paired End)
    • NovaSeq 6000 (50bp and 100bp Paired End on S1 and S2 Flowcell; 150bp Paired End on S1, S2 and S4 Flowcell)
  • Sequence analysis on PacBio Sequel
  • Provision of the full sequence data
  • Basic bioinformatics support for the analysis of resulting sequence data


For detailed information about the our service, different platforms as well as pooling recommendation please check our FAQs in ILSe or contact Dr. Stephan Wolf or Dr. Marina Vogel.



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