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Gateway Full ORF Clones

The Gateway ORF Clones distributed by GPCF carry inserts of high interest for cancer research and systems biology. All clones are fully or partially sequence verfied. Whenever possible we provide access to the sequence and/or the accession numbers of the recombinant inserts. All clones make use of the Gateway® technology.

Most clones are stored in MTPs, and we recommend to streak-out the strains on appropriate agar plates and work with individual isolates. To ensure the highest quality for your experiments please confirm the inserts of the individual isolates by control sequencing.

A manual with basic protocols for the handling of Gateway® clones is available for download.

The recombinant clones are available in form of individual stabs or as predefined sets in 96 well MTPs.


Gateway Shuttling Service

On request we can offer to perform standard Gateway Shuttling of insert DNA into appropriate Destination vectors at a moderate price.
Please contact Dr. Rainer Will Fon: +49 6221 42 4749, Email: contact form



Close collaborations with the following persons/institutions contributed substantially to the GPCF Gateway Full ORF Clone collection:

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