05.02.2020: Chipster 3.16 is now the default version and can be started from below on this web page. Version 3.14 will remain for a limited period of time here. Please report any issues in the forum.

Chipster allows you to perform DNA microarray data analysis using R/Bioconductor and other tools through an intuitive graphical user interface.

Start chipster by clicking on "Launch Chipster" below on this page.

For documentation and manuals please see the Tutorial, Manuals and FAQ at the chipster homepage at

For the DKFZ we provide a forum as a first place to go for help and questions. You need your DKFZ login to use the forum.

Chipster Course June 2018:
Download the course slides as pdf and example data (166 MByte).

Chipster Course January 2016:
Download the course slides as pdf.


Currently Chipster 3.16 is default version to start from here. If you have problems please submit them to the forum.

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