Videos and References

A selection of short Youtoube videos about Microscale Thermophoresis

NanoTemper Technology: Learn about the handling of NT.115


short overview about the measurement steps (commercial)
duration: ~ 2 minutes

Measuring Interactions Using Microscale Thermophoresis by NanoTemper


Advantages, applications, physical principle, thermophoresis curves (commercial)
duration ~ 3 minutes

Protein Purification-free Binding Analysis by MicroScale Thermophoresis


purification-free measurement using GFP-tagged proteins
detailed workflow, detailed analysis/curve fitting examples
duration: ~ 10 miniutes



Concentration finder:  KD-Intervall Optimization


enter the assumed Kd range for your binding experiment to
find the optimal concentration range of the  ligand (titrant).


Consumables (capillaries & labelling kits)

Overview about Kits and Capillary Types

product description,
get an a quote for your consumables



Basic Literature

MST Starting Guide – Monolith NT.115   [>]
( i )  concise summary: assay setup and how to avoid common pitfalls


Microscale thermophoresis - Wikipedia  [>]

( i )  short introduction into the methodology


MicroScale Thermophoresis: Interaction analysis and beyond  [>]

( i )  more detailed introduction into MicroScale Thermophoresis
        showing a row of interesting examples


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