Antibody Unit

The GPCF Antibody Unit offers the production of monoclonal (mouse/rat) antibodies using the hybridoma technology and the production of polyclonal (guinea pig) Abs, that specifically recognize antigens giving low antibody responses in mice or rats. Since more than a decade we have successfully generated antibodies against proteins including splice variants, mutated and modified forms.

Our service includes the production of mAbs for research projects and as diagnostic tools in histopathology. In addition, we offer non-GMP production and purification of mAbs.

A selection of applications and corresponding references is given here.

Our service includes:

  • Advice in the selection of the antigen (protein/peptide)
  • Alignment analysis to check for cross-reactivity
  • Immunization of animals
  • Titer test by ELISA
  • Advice in validation of antibody specificity
  • Consultation and close interaction with customers during all steps of production

For monoclonal antibodies:

  • Fusion of lymphocytes to immortalized cell line
  • Screening of clones by ELISA/Western blot/Immunofluorescence
  • Selection of clones displaying desired specificity
  • Sub-cloning to capture stable cell lines
  • Estimation of antibody subgroup
  • Expansion and storage of positive clones
  • Supply with supernatant for your experiments
  • If required, scale up and antibody purification

You supply:

  • Peptides conjugated to KLH for immunization and unconjugated for ELISA screening
  • Recombinant protein preferable with HIS-tag, support in generation of HIS-tagged proteins is available.
  • Screening procedure for Western blot/immunofluorescence

Please contact Prof. Dr. Ilse Hofmann for project planning. When the project runs a clear, open and regular communication is desirable to produce antibodies to your needs.

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