16 Feb 2018StringTie available via HUSAR's web-interface
15 Aug 2017 ATTENTION: Change of default HUSAR server if you use the links on our website
28 Feb 2017 Update of the ChipSeq Analysis Pipeline ChiPeAn (Version 2.0)
09 Feb 2017New version of RNA-Seq quality control pipeline EvalRSeq
19 Nov 2016 Midterm storage accessible on Husar2
16 Jun 2016 New Husar server available
15 Jun 2016 New Husar pipeline Confuse for consensus prediction of chimeric transcripts
21 Dec 2015Status of tools for mapping sequencing reads available via Husar's web-interface.
29 Oct 2015 Comparing count data for differential gene-expression analysis using DESEQ2
21 Oct 2015 GeneCoverage: displaying genomic coverage for selected list of genes
07 Sep 2015Methylation analysis of bisulfite-treated sequencing data
26 Jun 2015 Update of the sRNAMapper pipeline
26 Feb 2015 Ontarget2: quality control for Next-Generation-Sequencing Data after sub-genomic enrichment
17 Feb 2015GenePanelCoverage: a quality control tool for exome enrichment panels
24 Sep 2014 Analysing RNA-Seq data with FastRNAMapper
05 Sep 2014 EvalRSeq; assessing RNA-Seq quality
08 Apr 2014FilterReads: a pipeline for cleaning sequencing reads
02 Apr 2014Updates to the small/ncRNA pipelines
01 Jul 2013New Sub-Menu for Utilities dealing with Next-Generation-Sequencing files
13 Jun 2013IDFerry - a tool for mapping sequence identifiers
11 Mar 2013 Pipelines for the analysis of small/non-coding RNA sequencing data
13 Feb 2013Contaminator: a pipeline to analyse unmapped sequence reads
06 Feb 2013 ExtractPromoter: extracting promoter sequences for a set of genes
03 Sep 2012DKFZ-wide license for the KEGG database installed
21 Aug 2012 TargetCoverage: computing target coverage for sequence reads against a set of targets
21 Aug 2012Update of the DomainSweep pipeline
20 Jul 2012 Rat Genome version 5 available
13 Jul 2012 Two standard tools for mapping sequence reads available via Husar's web-interface.
02 May 2012Major update of protein annotation pipeline ProtSweep
27 Mar 2012 Mouse Assembly 38 available
26 Jan 2012 Analysing Transcription Factor Binding Sites in HUSAR
19 Jan 2012 Bioinformatics Support for High Throughput Sequencing Data Analysis
02 Nov 2011 New version of alignment editor JalView (2.7) available in HUSAR
24 Aug 2011 OnTarget: analysing Next-Generation-Sequencing Data after sub-genomic enrichment
18 Aug 2011 Transfac at the DKFZ
02 Aug 2011 update of the UTR database (5'- and 3'-untranslated regions)
18 Apr 2011 Domainsweep release 4.2
24 Mar 2011Important update of the HMMER package (version 3) now available in HUSAR
31 Jan 2011 Installation of a new Blast package
10 Aug 2010 Pipeline TargetScanPlus for improved prediction of microRNA target sites
07 Jul 2010Analysing splice site mutations with Crypskip
25 Mar 2010New release of pipeline ProtSweep
23 Feb 2010 Update of PromoterSweep pipeline (version 2)
27 Jan 2010 The ClustalW package was upgraded to version 2.09
22 Jan 2010New pipeline for analysing SNPs
14 Dec 2009 Move to new human reference assembly completed
05 Nov 2009 RepeatMasker version 3.2.6 installed in Husar
14 Sep 2009Update of the Blast package
27 Jul 2009 New human assembly 37
16 Mar 2009 The Vienna RNA Package
12 Mar 2009 WolfPSort: new program for predicting protein sub-cellular localisations
12 Feb 2009 Detecting exonic splicing enhancers in human genes
18 Dec 2008Integration of SRS into HUSAR/W2H
11 Dec 2008Bug fix for graphical outputs in W2H
15 Oct 2008PromoterSweep: new pipeline for analysing promoter regions
06 Oct 20083of5: New tool for finding motifs in protein sequences
25 Sep 2008 Use of fasta-files in HUSAR
21 Jul 2008 New pipeline GOPET2D
25 Jun 2008 GOPET up and running again
08 Apr 2008 Move to new HUSAR server(s)
13 Nov 20074 new pipelines - new release of task system
13 Nov 2007Ensembl release 47 - new Mouse assembly
16 Jul 2007Mouse assembly 37
22 Jun 2007Ensembl Release 45
25 Sep 2006miRpredict - Prediction of potential miRNAs
04 Sep 2006Map2Genome - a tool for mapping a sequence to the genome by sequence homology
14 Aug 2006new program TargetScan
14 Aug 20066 new organisms in Ensembl 40
06 Jul 2006NEW EMBL release 87 - IMPORTANT format changes
06 Jun 2006Overview: Genomic Databases in HUSAR
01 Jun 2006Mouse genome available for Blat
22 Feb 2006NCBI release 35 of mouse genome available
06 Feb 2006pre-release 36 of human genome available
23 Dec 2005new task: GeneConsensus
19 Dec 2005task update: new versions of GoPet, 2DSweep, ProtSweep
12 Dec 2005microRNA target site prediction with Miranda
24 Nov 2005Release of the TissueDistributionDB
24 Nov 2005TRANSFAC database available at DKFZ
24 Nov 2005Bioccelerator reconfigured
20 Sep 2005Irx disabled
29 Aug 2005IPI databases
30 May 2005Muscle: a fast and sensitive multiple alignment algorithm
17 Mar 2005SRS upgraded from version 6 to version 7
04 Mar 2005Gopet: a tool for annotating cDNA and protein sequences
21 Feb 2005alternative 2d protein prediction
10 Jan 2005new default protein database
13 Dec 2004new release of DomainSweep
13 Dec 2004cDNA2Genome online again
20 Jul 2004new databases (UniRef, EMBLWGS,...)
15 Jul 2004ScopScan: a SuperFamily search tool
07 Jul 2004Glimmer for prokaryotic gene prediction
30 Jun 2004BLAT and some other new applications
12 Feb 2004RefSeq database reorganized
23 Jan 2004new DomainSweep release
23 Jan 2004new databases
23 Jan 2004some new tools
24 Feb 2003PrimerSweep: new primer analysis task
24 Feb 2003DomainSweep/ProtSweep new release
24 Feb 2003CDNA2Genome: new parameters and output modifications
24 Feb 2003new databases
11 Nov 2002new task ESTAnnotator to analyse ESTs
11 Nov 2002new program CUSTOMMASK
11 Nov 2002new Unigene divisions
05 Jul 2002new task cDNA2Genome
08 May 2002new program WEIGHBOR
08 May 2002programs from Wise Package
08 May 2002GENEID - gene prediction
22 Jan 2002new program HMMGene
22 Jan 2002new program PRRN
22 Jan 2002new databases
18 Dec 2001new version of SRS
12 Dec 2001new task 2DSWEEP
09 Nov 2001new task DOMAINSWEEP
09 Nov 2001PROTSWEEP version 2
09 Nov 20014 new programs in HUSAR: PsiPred, MSFGenerator, VecMask, PsiTBlastN
09 Nov 2001new databases: human, arabidopsis, new Unigene divisions
24 Jul 2001new task DNASWEEP
24 Jul 2001new HUSAR programs: Phred, Splitter & Bisulfite
24 Jul 2001new databases: MOUSE_ENSEMBL & Xenopus laevis Unigene
03 Jul 2001GCG version 10.2
15 May 2001New programs from the Fasta-package
15 May 2001New program Sim4
09 May 2001PATH: Phylogenetic Analysis Task
09 May 2001simple W2H-editor for text/sequence files
08 Mar 2001new features in W2H: W2H-Loops and AliTab
06 Mar 2001new databases: HUMAN_ASSEMBLED and MOUSE_ASSEMBLED
12 Dec 2000new program Crib
27 Oct 2000new database generation programs
27 Oct 2000new databases: ENSEMBL, REFSEQ, SNPs
04 Sep 2000New Program PSORT
04 Sep 2000New Program PEPFIT
04 Sep 2000New tables in FACTOR
07 Aug 2000Bl2Seq output in W2H
28 Jul 2000new program CloneFinder
15 Jun 2000Analysing multiple sequences in W2H
16 May 2000W2H: displaying database search results
25 Apr 2000UniVec - new vector database
19 Apr 2000ProtSweep - Protein Sequence Identification Tool
10 Apr 2000Honest database
10 Apr 2000Masking repeats in HUSAR
14 Mar 2000Bioccelerator access via HUSAR
03 Dec 1999JalView - Java Alignment Editor/Viewer
26 Nov 1999Transmembrane Helix Prediction
12 Oct 1999Comparing two sequences with Blast
18 Aug 1999PROSITE profile searches with PFScan
16 Aug 1999PSI-BLAST
23 Jul 1999new program DBInquire
17 Jul 1999new multiple alignment method
18 Jun 1999NCBI's non-redundant databases
21 Apr 1998Reliable primer design with PRIDE
16 Mar 1998DIALIGN: new alignment method
05 Feb 1998Gene Prediction
29 Sep 1997new program PUZZLE
01 Aug 1997Hidden Markov Models in Sequence Analysis
16 Jan 1997Split decomposition using SPLITS
14 Jan 1997DSC: prot. sec. struc. prediction
12 Dec 1996"tfindpatterns"
09 May 1994PHYLIP
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