PD Dr. Niels Halama

PD Dr. Niels Halama

PD Dr. Niels Halama


Head of Department


+49 6221 56-38397


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Curriculum vitae

Research Field

Tumor Immunology, Tumor inflammation, (Immunological) Biomarker Identification, Imaging Technologies, High-Throughput Processing, Colorectal Cancer, Pancreatic cancer, Breast Cancer, Malignant Melanoma


1999 - 2005     University Heidelberg

2002                 Baylor College Houston, USA

2004                 Medical College of Ohio, USA


2006 - 2005    Resident and Fellow, NCT

seit 2008        Postdoctoral Research Fellow, NCT / TIGA / DKFZ

seit 2008        Coordination and program development of the medical student specialty training program in
                         oncology (Sozietaet Czerny), Medical Faculty, University of Heidelberg

2008 - heute   project leader “Immunological tumor microenvironment program”

2009 - 2014    project leader systems biology "differentiation of epithelial tissues”, BIOQUANT, Heidelberg

2007- heute    certified clinical investigator in oncology, clinical trial

2012 - 2014    principal investigator of the independent (non-pharma funded) MARACON-001 clinical trial
                         (CCR5 blockade in advanced refractory metastatic  colorectal cancer) (trial duration: 11/12-09/14)

2010 - 2011    development and requirements planning of IT infrastructure for the BMBH tissue bank at the
                         University Heidelberg (application plan for IT infrastructure nominated nationwide
                         "lighthouse project", BMBF)

2014 - heute   certified clinical investigator for medicinal products


2003 - 2006     Editor and Author, Section "Endocrinology” and “Neurology", for Medicle (www.medicle.org)

2007 - heute    International Cancer Microenvironment Society (ICMS)

2009 - 2012     National Society for Histotechnology (NSH), USA

2012 - heute    Deutsche Gesellschaft für Immunologie (DGfI)

2009 - heute    American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), USA (AACR-sponsored membership),
                           member of the Cancer Immunology Working Group (CIMM)

2011 - heute    International Society for Translational Medicine

Honors and stipends

1998                Scholarship from "Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes"

2007                Young Investigator Award, Medical Faculty University of Heidelberg

2009                Scientific Excellence Certificate & Best Poster Award, International Cancer Microenvironment
                         Society (ICMS)

2012                Best Poster Award AACR (highly rated by reviewers among more than 10000 posters)

2012                Cancer Research Award Dr. Feldbausch Stiftung

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