X-Ray Imaging and Computed Tomography

107th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Chicago

November 28 - December 2, 2021

Deep learning in CT artifact correction
M. Kachelrieß

Deep learning-based coronary artery motion estimation and compensation for iterative cardiac CT reconstructions
J. Maier, S. Lebedev, J. Erath, E. Eulig, S. Sawall, E. Fournié, K. Stierstorfer, M. Lell, and M. Kachelrieß

Beyond iodine: Dose reduction potential of hafnium contrast with patient-specific prefiltration
J. Steidel, L. Klein, J. Maier, S. Sawall and M. Kachelrieß

Dose-efficient assessment of trabecular microstructure using photon-counting CT
J. Peña, L. Klein, J. Maier, E. Wehrse, H.-P. Schlemmer, K. Engelke, C.-C. Glüer, M. Kachelrieß, and S. Sawall

A novel CT tube current modulation technique that minimizes patient risk
L. Klein, C. Liu, J. Steidel, S. Sawall, A. Maier, M. Lell, J. Maier, and M. Kachelrieß

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