X-Ray Imaging and Computed Tomography

103rd Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA)

Chicago, November 26 - December 1, 2017

Organ-specific context-sensitive single and dual energy CT (DECT) image reconstruction, display and analysis
S. Dorn, S. Chen, F. Pisana, S. Sawall, A. Maier, M. M. Lell, and M. Kachelrieß

Importance of prior information for accurate scatter correction of truncated cone-beam CT (CBCT) data
N. Waltrich, S. Aktaş, S. Sawall, J. Maier, K. Stannigel, K. Lindenberg, and M. Kachelrieß

Compensating for irregular respiratory motion in cone-beam CT (CBCT): Motion vector field resampling
S. Sauppe, M. Brehm, P. Paysan, D. Seghers, and M. Kachelrieß

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