X-Ray Imaging and Computed Tomography

2018 IEEE Medical Imaging Conference (MIC 2018)

Sydney, November 10 - November 17, 2018

Deep scatter estimation in PET: Fast scatter correction using a convolutional neural network
Y. Berker, J. Maier, and M. Kachelrieß

Real-time patient-specific CT dose estimation using a deep convolutional neural network
J. Maier, E. Eulig, S. Dorn, S. Sawall, and M. Kachelrieß

Motion compensation for free-breathing diffusion-weighted imaging (MoCo
DWI) in whole body integrated PET-MRI
C. Dávid, T. Vahle, R. Grimm, P. Bachert, and M. Kachelrieß

In-vivo coronary micro-CT of small animals for preclinical research
J. Kuntz, C. Funck, J. Maier, M. Kachelrieß, and S. Sawall

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