X-Ray Imaging and Computed Tomography

The Sixth International Conference on Image Formation in X-Ray Computed Tomography

Regensburg (virtual only), August 3 - August 7, 2020

Opening Remarks
M. Kachelrieß

Experimental feasibility of a residual-modelled material decomposition method for spectral CT
S. Wang, Y. Xing, H. Gao, M. Kachelrieß, A. Zheng, and L. Zhang

4D segmentation-based anatomy-constrained motion-compensated reconstruction of on-board 4D CBCT scans
M. Susenburger, P. Paysan, A. Strzelecki, I. Peterlik, D. Seghers, and M. Kachelrieß

Coronary artery motion compensation for short-scan cardiac CT using a spatial transformer network
J. Maier, S. Lebedev, E. Eulig, S. Sawall, E. Fournié, K. Stierstorfer, and M. Kachelrieß

Metal artifact reduction in photon counting CT using pseudo-monochromatic images
A. Byl, L. Klein, J. Hardt, S. Sawall, H.-P. Schlemmer, S. Heinze, and M. Kachelrieß

Decomposition of multiple contrast agents in photon-counting micro CT: Iodine and bismuth
C. Amato, L. Klein, J. Maier, S. Sawall, N. Gehrke, D. Franke, S. Gkoumas, T. Thüring, A. Briel, C. Brönnimann, and M. Kachelrieß 

A novel 4D-CBCT reconstruction framework via a joint of spatiotemporal dictionary learning and prior constraint
S. Zhi, M. Kachelrieß, and X. Mou

Deep learning-based real-time estimation of patient dose distributions for various medical CT scan protocols
S. Muller, J. Maier, E. Eulig, M. Knaup, S. Sawall, and M. Kachelrieß

Deep learning-based cross-scatter correction for clinical CT
J. Erath, T. Vöth, J. Maier, E. Fournié, K. Stierstorfer, M. Petersilka, and M. Kachelrieß

Structured regularization for material decomposition of photon counting CT data using collaborative total variation
E. Wehrse, S. Petra, L. Klein, L. Rotkopf, C.H. Ziener, M. Kachelrieß, H.-P. Schlemmer, and S. Sawall

Denoising of x-ray projections and computed tomography images using convolutional neural networks without clean data
P. Gnudi, B Schweizer, M. Kachelrieß, and Y. Berker

Closing Remarks
M. Kachelrieß

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