Dr. Susanne Weg-Remers

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Head of Cancer Information Service, Heidelberg
MD PhD and Master of Public Administration

Susanne Weg-Remers is Head of the Cancer Information Service ad the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) in Heidelberg. She holds an MD PhD degree and a Masters degree in Public Administration. After graduation, she has worked in internal medicine and in both clinical and basic cancer research. Together with her colleagues at the Institute for Toxicology and Genetics (FZK, Karlsruhe), she described for the first time, a signaling pathway, regulating alternative splicing in T-lymphocytes. As of 2004, she turned her career towards science management with stations at FZK and as Head of Strategy at DKFZ. Here, she initiated several prominent initiatives, among them the National Cohort, which she held the position of the administrative coordinator until the establishment of a legal entity.  As of 2012, Susanne Weg-Remers has taken on the lead of the Cancer Information Service, a unit which offers evidence-based, quality-secured cancer information to patients, relatives and the general public. This unit is dedicated to develop to a National Reference Center for Cancer Information in the coming years opening up its information sources particularly to health professionals.

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