Dr. Annarita Patrizi

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Dr. Annarita Patrizi studied Neurobiology at the University of Torino, Italy. During her Graduate thesis at the same University, she addressed the role of GABAergic neurotrasmission in the assembly of GABAergic synapses in the group of Prof. Marco Sassoe'-Pognetto. As postdoctoral fellow in the groups of Prof. M. Fagiolini at Harvard Medical School and the group of T. K. Hensch at the Harvard University in Boston, USA, she examined how and when selective GABAergic cortical circuits are disrupted in Rett Syndrome, a devastating neurodevelopmental disorder. During her postdoctoral fellowship, she won to long term fellowships such as "International Rett Syndrome Foundation" and "Nancy Lurie Marks Postdoctoral Fellowship in Autism Research". In October 2017 she moved to Germany to head an independent Chica and Heinz Schaller-Foundation Junior Group at the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), in Heidelberg.

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