Prof. Dr. Hannah Monyer


Head and Full Professor, Cooperational Division of Clinical Neurobiology, University Hospital Heidelberg and German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ)

Hannah Monyer is Head of the Department Clinical Neurobiology at the University Hospital and the DKFZ Heidelberg. After her medical training at the University of Heidelberg, she started her professional career in Child Psychiatry and Neurology. A first postdoc training at Stanford University, CA, followed. The clinical training focussed on neurology of the premature and epileptology. This was the time when her scientific career commenced under the guidance of Prof. Dennis Choi with a research interest in glutamate receptor-mediated excitotoxicity. A second postdoctoral training period ensued under the tutelage of Prof. Peter Seeburg at the University of Heidelberg. Hannah Monyer’s scientific work during this time comprised the molecular and functional characterization of glutamate receptors. Since 1994 she has been an independent group leader, first as a junior professor and since 1999 as the Head of the Department Clinical Neurobiology at Heidelberg University. Her major scientific interests focus on mechanisms related to learning and memory. Her projects include investigations on the role of glutamate receptors in synaptic plasticity, the function of GABAergic interneurons underlying synchronous activity and memory and finally, the contribution of postnatally generated neurons for brain plasticity.

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