Prof. Dr. Antonia Dimitrakopoulou-Strauss


Upon completion of the studies of medicine at the University of Athens in 1988, she joined the Dept. of Radiology of the German Cancer Research Center, where she completed the doctorate in medicine in 1990. The research focus of her was the use of positron emission tomography in oncological patients, in particular the use of new methodological aspects for the combination of basic with translational research. In 2004 she became an Assistant Professor of Nuclear Medicine and in 2007 a Full Professor. New imaging technologies using studies with radiolabelled cytostatic agents, peptides, amino acids, perfusion, hypoxia as well as proliferation tracers on the field of oncological PET were the focus of her work. Individualization of chemo- and immunotherapy and prognosis of therapeutic outcome is one of her major research topics. Methodological aspects as well as the relation between molecular imaging data and omics data are the current fields of her research. Since 2013 she is Deputy Head of the Clinical Cooperation Unit Nuclear Medicine at the DKFZ. Since 2017 she coordinates for the DKFZ side the activities for the establishment of the Athens Comprehensive Cancer Center (DKFZ). Overall, she has co-authored more than 150 peer-reviewed publications. She is member of several Editorial Boards, reviewer for several scientific journals, congresses and grant proposals and has contributed to the organization of international scientific meetings.

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