Signal Transduction in Cancer and Metabolism


We are thankful to our funding agencies for their support:

ERC Starting Grant

We were recently awarded one of the prestigious ERC Starting Grants! The project aims to identify and characterize novel regulators of TOR, an important oncogene and regulator of cell growth.


The project aims to study the role of a TOR-associated protein in tissue growth and cancer development.

Helmholtz Gemeinschaft

The project aims to discover new components in the insulin signaling pathway.

Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft

Two projects are funded by the DFG. The first focuses on a novel gene involved in translation. Since protein synthesis is one important process required for cell growth and proliferation, this protein likely plays a role in cancer development. The second project is a collaboration project with the Nawroth lab at the medical clinic of Heidelberg University, studying a fly model for late-phase diabetic complications.

EU FP7 Project: MITIN

The causes of diabetes are not yet understood. Two important players in diabetes are the insulin pathway, which regulates animal metabolism, and mitochondria, the site of cellular energy production as well as lipid oxidation. The MITIN project studies the functional interconnections between insulin and mitochondria.

EMBO Young Investigator Program

The lab is kindly supported by the EMBO YIP.

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