Signal Transduction in Cancer and Metabolism

Junior Clinical Cooperation Unit (Nachwuchs-KKE) Translational Lymphoma Research (independent group as of October 2021)

Group Leader: Dr. Katharina Clemm von Hohenberg

Dr. Katharina Clemm von Hohenberg


Research interest

The junior group's research is focused on malignant lymphoma (lymph node and lymphatic cell cancer). In recent years a number of novel therapeutic strategies (kinase inhibitors, inhibitors of the anti-apoptotic molecule BCL2, monoclonal antibodies, CAR T cells, antibody-drug conjugates, and others) have been developed to treat malignant lymphoma. However – despite extensive characterization of the genome and transcriptome of lymphoma cells – predictive biomarkers have not been identified. 

We aim at elucidating the signalling pathways that are actually active in the individual lymphoma patient by analyzing proteins and post-translational modifications from patient blood and lymphoma tissue. For validation of the identified pathways we use a broad spectrum of basic molecular biological and biochemical methods, with a focus on functional proteomics.

The concept of the Clinical Cooperation Unit is based on the idea of rapid forward and reverse translation between patient care and biomolecular research. Therefore, the group's PI is also in charge of the lymphoma clinic at the University Hospital Mannheim. This allows us to immediately translate our findings back to the clinic and validate potential predictive biomarkers in lymphoma patients at first diganosis and throughout the course of the disease.

Selected publications

Dietachmayr M, Rathakrishnan A, Karpiuk O, von Zweydorf F, Engleitner T, Schenk P, Fernández-Sáiz V, Ueffing M, Rad R, Eilers M, Gloeckner CJ, Clemm von Hohenberg K*, Bassermann F*. Antagonistic activities of CDC14B and CDK1 on USP9X regulate a WT1-dependent mitotic transcription program to determine mitotic survival. Nature Communications 2020 Mar 9;11(1):1268. doi: 10.1038/s41467-020-15059-5.
*equal contribution 

Bohlen J, Harbrecht L, Blanco S, Clemm von Hohenberg K, Fenzl K, Kramer G, Bukau B, Teleman AA. DENR promotes translation reinitiation via ribosome recycling to drive expression of oncogenes including ATF4. Nature Communications 2020 Sep 16;11(1):4676. doi: 10.1038/s41467-020-18452-2.

Schleich S, Acevedo JM, Clemm von Hohenberg K, Teleman AA. Identification of transcripts with short stuORFs as targets for DENR•MCTS1-dependent translation in human cells. Scientific Reports 2017 Jun 16;7(1):3722

Engel K+, Rudelius M, Slawska J, Jacobs L, Ahangarian Abhari B, Altmann B, Kurutz J, Rathakrishnan A, Fernandez-Sáiz V, Brunner A, Targosz B-S, Loewecke F, Glöckner C G, Ueffing M, Fulda S, Pfreundschuh M, Trümmer L, Klapper W, Keller U, Jost P J, Rosenwald A, Peschel C, and Bassermann F. USP9X stabilizes XIAP to regulate mitotic cell death and conveys resistance to antitubulin chemotherapeutics in aggressive B-cell lymphoma, EMBO Molecular Medicine, 2016 Aug 1;8(8):851-62

Baumann U, Fernández-Sáiz V, Rudelius M, Lemeer S, Rad R, Knorn AM, Slawska J, Engel K+, Jeremias I, Li Z, Tomiatti V, Illert AL, Targosz BS, Braun M, Perner S, Leitges M, Klapper W, Dreyling M, Miething C, Lenz G, Rosenwald A, Peschel C, Keller U, Kuster B, Bassermann F. Disruption of the PRKCD-FBXO25-HAX-1 axis attenuates the apoptotic response and drives lymphomagenesis. Nature Medicine 2014 Dec;20(12):1401-9

+Engel K = maiden name of Clemm von Hohenberg K


For questions and applications please contact Katharina Clemm, k.clemm(at)

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