PhD Student Initiatives

The PhD Community at the DKFZ is very active and organised in dedicated PhD Student Teams, led by the PhD Student Council. The teams help new members of the Helmholtz International Graduate School for Cancer Research to settle in both at work and in their new home. The students are on hand to answer any questions or to help with any problems you may have while at the DKFZ.

Elected by PhD students, the six-strong PhD Student Council is in office for a year. It is the official liaison between the PhD students and administrative and scientific executive boards.

We encourage our PhD students to get involved in the PhD student initiatives. For more information about the PhD Student Council and Teams, please visit the PhD Students Portal, a website administered by DKFZ students providing useful advise and information related to graduate studies at the DKFZ.


Teams galore

The PhD Student Council members are responsible for the PhD Student Teams. These teams organize a number of events that allow students to get to know each other and broaden their horizons. The teams are:

Welcome Team
This team provides newcomers with a warm welcome and advice, easing their transition into the new community. The council produces a guide for new PhD students with pages of practical information about working at the DKFZ and living in Heidelberg.

Retreat Team
This group of students organizes the annual PhD student retreat, which all students attend at some point during their PhD. The format of the retreat is similar to a conference, where PhD projects are presented either as posters or as short lectures. Social and cultural events are also an integral part of the retreat.

Social Events Team
To make sure that it is not all just work, social events are regularly organized for all students at the DKFZ. These events include, but are not limited to, sports tournaments, international dinners and movie nights.

Party Team
The Party Team organizes parties for all PhD students at the DKFZ which offer a chance to meet people from other research groups at the DKFZ in a relaxed atmosphere.

Communication Team
This team looks after the PhD Student Council’s web pages, known as the PhD Students Portal.

Conference Team
This team, together with other Heidelberg PhD students, are responsible for organising the Heidelberg Forum for Young Life Scientists and other PhD conferences. This involves everything from putting together the scientific program and inviting the speakers to arranging all the logistics associated with hosting a conference.

The PhD Student Teams are always looking for volunteers, whose time and commitment are rewarded with credit points towards their PhD.

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