Current open projects of the German-Israeli Helmholtz Research School

  • Structural and functional analysis of liver endothelial heterogeneity at the single cell level (Prof. Hellmut Augustin, DKFZ in collaboration with Dr. Karina Yaniv, WIS)
  • Working principles of the Hsp70 chaperone system in cancer biology (Prof. Bernd Bukau, DKFZ in collaboration with Dr. Rina Rosenzweit, WIS)
  • Characterization of chronic inflammation as a driver of clonal evolution in DNMT3A-mutant pre-leukemic hematopoiesis (Dr. Daniel Lipka, DKFZ in collaboration with Dr. Liran Shlush, WIS)
  • Understanding GOF properties of mut p53 in lymphoma (Prof. Thorsten Zenz, DKFZ in collaboration with Prof. Moshe Oren, WIS)

How to apply for this positions

Applications for these projects are currently closed. Interested candidates can apply for the upcoming Summer Selection, which will reopen in April.

Further information about the the selection process can be found here.

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