Microarray Data: Xenopus laevis

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This is the companion iChip db to the study "Global gene expression profiling and cluster analysis in Xenopus laevis " by Baldessari et al.

This database contains tables with large-scale gene expression data of 42.000 Xenopus laevis ESTs, using cDNA microarrays.

To query the data please use Netscape (versions 5 to 7) or Mozilla Browser
(Internet Explorer does not work)

Log to Xenopus laevis microarray database

User name: guest
Password: xenopusdata

Datafiles to download are available here as supplementary table 46 (complete normalised data) and supplementary table 47 (complete raw data).

You can open the files with Excel.

The dataset can be freely used without any restrictions, but ownership of the original data released in this db remains with the DKFZ. In case of publication the paper of Baldessari et al. should be appropriately cited and the data source acknowledged.
The rules proposed in Sharing Publication-Related Data and Materials: Responsibilities of Authorship in the Biological Life Sciences apply

In case of questions please contact r.kabbe@dkfz.de (Rolf Kabbe)

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