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"RTToolbox" is a robust and flexible C++ software library developed to support quantitative analysis of treatment outcome for radiotherapy. It provides the import of radiotherapy data (e.g. plans, dose distributions and structure sets) in DICOM-RT standard format as well as in ITK supported data formats. Core features of the RTToolbox include: calculation of DVHs and dose comparison indices, and computation of radiobiological models (TCP/NTCP). Using the RTToolbox radiotherapy evaluation applications can be built easily and quickly.


 -> Clemens Hentschke


MatchPoint is a translational registration framework: it eases the utilization of registration algorithms (own and external work) and their integration in arbitrary host applications. The concrete implementation of algorithmic components is not a focus of MatchPoint. Topics addressed by MatchPoint are registration algorithms as services and encapsulation of registration domain complexity among others. If you search for registration algorithms, you should look at projects like ITK, Plastimatch, Elastix ... . If you search for a framework that helps you to integrate (these) registration algorithms into your application, you are at the right place.

MatchPoint has implementations for different host applications. One freely available and recommended is the integration into MITK.


 -> Ralf Floca


The aim of AVID is to provide an open solution to orchestrate software components via workflow scripts. The main areas of application are scalable and flexible cohort analysis as well as variation effect and uncertainty quantification.

AVID is especially used in the context of radiotherapy. Therefore, many of the integrated components are provided by RT-Toolbox. However, it was also used successfully in other areas like radiological image analysis and image registration error effect studies.


 -> Ralf Floca

-> Clemens Hentschke


The Black Swan Project


This project is part of the “Black Swan Research Initiative”, launched by the International Myeloma Foundation. The goal is to establish an imaging based prognostic staging system for patients with multiple myeloma. In symptomatic patients focal lesions can be present in extensive numbers. The project aims to develop a set of automated detection, segmentation and characterization techniques for whole body image analysis. The system will quantify and assess the tumor mass trend over time.


-> Amir Kalali


To make forensic radiology feasible, we develop workflows and processes that combine local and remote radiological infrastructure as well as latest technologies of medical image processing. To minimize required resources at image acquisition sites, we design automated image processing pipelines and secure data transfers to minimally occupy human resources and minimally interfere with previously existing on-site routine workflows.

This project is a cooperation between DKFZ, Institute for Legal and Traffic Medicine (University Clinic HD) and Institute for Anatomy (University HD)


 -> Ignaz Reicht

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