Quantitative Proteomics


Head: Ulrike Korf

Current members: Johanna Sonntag, Kerstin Schlüter, Chiara Giacomelli, Stephan Bernhardt, Daniela Heiss, Corinna Becki, Lisa Schäfer

We have established protein microarrays as a reliable and cost-effective experimental platform for quantitative protein profiling, and have documented its utility in cancer-relevant applications. Projects are carried out in collaboration with Functional Profiling and Mechanisms of Cancer Cell Signaling as well as with external collaboration partners.

External Collaborations

Breast Cancer
Andreas Schneeweiss, Peter Sinn (Heidelberg)
Martina Vetter (Halle/Saale)

Yosef Yarden (Rehovot, Israel)

Cancer Metastasis
Tobias Pukrop, Annalen Bleckmann (Göttingen)

Childhood brain tumors
Frank Westermann, Marcel Kool (DKFZ), Thomas Höfer, Olaf Witt (Heidelberg)

Martina Muckenthaler, Andreas Kulozik (Heidelberg)

Mathematical Modelling of Drug Response
Jens Timmer (Freiburg), Stefan Legewie (Mainz)

Tim Beissbarth (Göttingen), Rainer König (Jena), Zita Soons (Maastricht)

Current third-party projects

  1. "MycNet" CancerSys (BMBF)
  2. "SysMetBC" e:BIO (BMBF)
  3. "MetastaSys" e:BIO (BMBF)
  4. "Development Fund" (DKFZ)

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