Database development and lab information systems

We develop and maintain laboratory information management systems (LIMS, Mehrle et al., 2006, Bannasch et al., 2004) to suit the different requirements of experimental processes (Wiemann et al., 2004) such as ORF cloning and cellular assay management. All steps in the laboratory are managed with help of a dedicated information system in order to achieve and maintain high and consistent quality standards. Respective in silico workflows are defined to process data and store relevant information in parallel with the progress of material. This way the bench-workers are enabled to trace every construct that has been produced, and to decide on the next applicable steps that need to be performed to obtain the final product.

Workflow from gene model to the final PCR-product which is ready for cloning into Entry vectors.

The design and implementation of these programs are flexible in order to meet the increasing complexity of experiments and the organization of the information structure.
Example applications are:

  • A tracking system to monitor the ORF cloning process from cDNAs / gene models to destination vectors
  • Management of entry clone sequencing Entry of protein localization data from remote via a web-interface
  • Workflow design and management of cell-based functional assays

Client-server application serving as a tracking tool in the ORF-cloning process.

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