High-Field Whole Body MR (7 T)

Prof. Dr. sc. techn. Mark E. Ladd



Prof. Dr. sc. techn. Mark E. Ladd
High-Field Whole Body MR (7 T)

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At a magnetic field strength of 7 Tesla the recorded MR signal is significantly higher compared to standard 1.5 Tesla or 3 Tesla MRI systems. This gain in signal can e.g. be used to depict smaller structures within tumors. In addition, the high magnetic field strength enables new image contrasts that can be used to analyze the metabolism of tumors in order to draw conclusions as to the malignancy. With this information the treatment of cancer patients shall be improved in the long run.

Both hardware and software of the 7T whole body MRI system are currently tested and optimized, and first clinical studies are beeing conducted. This 7T MRI system is a joint operation with clinical and scientific partners from the Universities of Heidelberg, Würzburg and Freiburg as well as the manufacturer of the MRI system, Siemens Healthcare.

Research at the 7 Tesla MRI system is carried out by three projects groups: 1H-MR-Imaging, Physiological MR Imaging with X-Nuclei, and RF coils.

Research topics

  • Ultra-High-Field MRI
  • High Resolution 1H-MRI
  • MR Imaging with X-Nuclei
  • Development of Radio Frequency Coils

7 T MRI system with a superconducting 32-ton magnet
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